Past participle with AVOIR

Usually the past participle does not change when conjugated with AVOIR but if there is a preceding direct object then the participle has to agree. e.g Les lettres que j’ai reçues.


Les lettre = feminine + plural precede the verb, therefore, past participle also has to feminie + plural.

Past historic

The Past Historic is a past tense used for recounting past events, usually in novels and stores. Therefore you only need to recognise it, not use it yourself. If you read a French novel as part of your A2 course or for coursework, you will soon get used to it.

For example

Past Historic Infinitive
Il/elle fut ÊTRE to be
Il/elle eut AVOIR to have
Il/elle alla ALLER to go
Il/elle fit FAIRE to do/ make
Il/elle reçut RECEVOIR to receive
Il/elle finit FINIR to finish