Les nombres 0 – 59

French Numbers: 0-19

The numbers 0 to 19 are pretty easy; you just need to memorize them like any other vocabulary.

0 zéro 10 dix
1 un 11 onze
2 deux 12 douze
3 trois 13 treize
4 quatre 14 quatorze
5 cinq 15 quinze
6 six 16 seize
7 sept 17 dix-sept
8 huit 18 dix-huit
9 neuf 19 dix-neuf

Proper pronunciation
You’ll notice that the consonants at the end of cinq and huit are pronounced. However, this is only true when the numbers stand alone (as in the sound files), are at the end of a sentence, or precede a vowel or h muet. When either of these numbers is followed by a consonant, that final sound is dropped.
Par exemple…

cinq professeurs five teachers q is silent
cinq étudiants five students q is pronounced [k]
J’en ai cinq. I have five of them. q is pronounced [k]

The above is true for six and dix as well, but there’s a further complication. The x is pronounced [s] when they stand alone or are at the end of a sentence, but when they precede a vowel, the pronunciation changes to [z] due to the required required liaison.
Par exemple…

six professeurs six teachers x is silent
six étudiants six students x is pronounced [z]
J’en ai six. I have six of them. x is pronounced [s]

French number practice
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French Numbers: 20-59

The French numbers 20 through 59 are formed just like their English equivalents: the tens word (vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante) is joined by a hyphen to the ones word (un, deux, trois, etc).

There is one difference: for 21, 31, 41, and 51, the word et (and) is required between the tens word and un, without hyphens.

20 vingt 30 trente
21 vingt et un 31 trente et un
22 vingt-deux 32 trente-deux
23 vingt-trois 33 trente-trois
24 vingt-quatre 34 trente-quatre
25 vingt-cinq 35 trente-cinq
26 vingt-six 36 trente-six
27 vingt-sept 37 trente-sept
28 vingt-huit 38 trente-huit
29 vingt-neuf 39 trente-neuf
40 quarante 50 cinquante
41 quarante et un 51 cinquante et un
42 quarante-deux 52 cinquante-deux
43 quarante-trois 53 cinquante-trois
44 quarante-quatre 54 cinquante-quatre
45 quarante-cinq 55 cinquante-cinq
46 quarante-six 56 cinquante-six
47 quarante-sept 57 cinquante-sept
48 quarante-huit 58 cinquante-huit
49 quarante-neuf 59 cinquante-neuf